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Hummingbirds in May

That I am posting about in June…still trying to catch up! I put the hummingbird feeders out somewhere around the middle of May, and it did not take long for them to show up. For a while there, we were … Continue reading

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Good-bye July…

Kinda sad that it’s the end of July already; feels like summer just started! I was late getting my garden started this year, and it hasn’t been getting a lot of attention since then. It seems like either the weather … Continue reading

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The Case of the Empty Bird Feeder

For a long time, I did not have any bird feeders because I was afraid I would be luring unsuspecting birds to their death. I finally decided to try it last summer, and found that there were no more casualties … Continue reading

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Canada Day Weekend 2013

…A week late, but here it is anyway. It rained. A lot. And then it rained some more. We finally got a break on Monday afternoon. I was watching the birds at the feeders, it looked like they were enjoying … Continue reading

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We’ve been having typical August weather – hot & humid; not too different from what Cory is experiencing in Japan right now, aside from the fog. We’ve had a fair number of misty, foggy days and some rain finally. No … Continue reading

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Frank vs. Fox

I kinda think Frank won… Weather-wise, this has not been a good week. As sad as I was on Tuesday that our vacation was over, I’m glad that this was not our vacation week. It’s been rainy, grey and gloomy. … Continue reading

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Last Week of July

We returned home from our weekend in Nova Scotia on Sunday, with a week of vacation still ahead of us. Ah, vacation. Looking forward to a sleep in our air conditioned bedroom, we pulled into the driveway to see that … Continue reading

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Gopher? Groundhog?

I’ve been backdating a lot of posts recently. I’ve had a lot of photos to share and felt it would be too many for one post; and I can’t not post them, right? I’m caught up now, and this one … Continue reading

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I love starting seeds; I think it helps to soothe that longing for spring and the garden season. I started mine two weeks ago, and by last Sunday all of the tomatoes (most of the top tray) had sprouted. There … Continue reading

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Friend Fox

We’ve seen our fox a few times, but it always happens so fast and the camera is never to hand. Our most notable viewing would have been the 3 am visit where the fox was taking care of our gopher … Continue reading

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