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First Snow 2014

I’ve been noticing that the deer have their winter coats on. Just in time for snow to fall. Frank and Zappa were not too sure about the whole thing. The first few snows seem to come as a surprise every … Continue reading

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Frank & Zappa have discovered the breach in the cat fence. How do I know this? Friday, working from home, I opened the cat door window for them, and the next thing I know… The weather was so warm last … Continue reading

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Snowy Winter Ahead

If these past two weeks are any indication, we have a snowy winter ahead of us. We had three snow storms in the last half of December. When we left Saint John on the morning of the 22nd, the weather … Continue reading

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First Snow

Yesterday the weather forecast I heard was predicting 50 mm of rain for our area. As a matter of fact, when I checked the weather page earlier today they were still showing a Rainfall Warning. Instead, on my first day … Continue reading

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First Snow Day of the Year

This was Wednesday, Nov 23 around 8:30 am. Noon. 4 pm. I was very happy that I had listened to the warnings on the radio and decided to work from home for the day. By Friday, the weather warmed up … Continue reading

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April Fools Day – Prank by Mother Nature

Did you see my photos of flowers? And the fox running across mostly snow-free ground? It was nice while it lasted. Friday April 1st? We had a snow storm. We are not amused.

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Friend Fox

We’ve seen our fox a few times, but it always happens so fast and the camera is never to hand. Our most notable viewing would have been the 3 am visit where the fox was taking care of our gopher … Continue reading

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Two Weeks

Two weeks can make such a difference! This was our deck on March 1st: On the following Friday the weather started to warm up, and by Sunday a lot of the snow had disappeared. By this weekend, the snow was … Continue reading

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It’s been a stormy month – right from the beginning of the month, as I see when I look back through my photos. This was January 3, our last day off before returning to work after the holidays. I took … Continue reading

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Just Like That – It’s Winter

Our first real snow fall happened this weekend. At this point, it’s new enough to just look pretty.  🙂 After the record amounts of rainfall we had early in November, we had a stretch of beautiful weather. On the weekend … Continue reading

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