First Snow 2014

I’ve been noticing that the deer have their winter coats on.

Just in time for snow to fall.

Frank and Zappa were not too sure about the whole thing.

The first few snows seem to come as a surprise every year. Eventually they give in and accept it, but for now they are not impressed.

Snowy days often seem to bring out the birds. Mostly we see chickadees this time of year. I am very fond of them, for the fact that they don’t abandon us in the winter.

I was surprised and pleased to see this guy as well.

This fella first made an appearance late summer/early fall. It was another Friday when I was working at home. I was on the phone listening to a meeting of some sort, and looking out the window.

We don’t see a huge variety of birds around here, so seeing something new is exciting. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone and a) figure out what type of bird this was, and b) get my camera. Unfortunately, he (she? no idea) was not very cooperative when it came to being photographed. I was, however, able to quickly identify it as a red breasted nuthatch. I would see it around off and on; not sure if there is more than one but I only ever see one at a time.

I had just put up feeders outside the patio door the previous Saturday, which give me an excellent view. I’m taking photos through double layered glass, but at least I can get nice and close.

Toward the end of the afternoon I ventured out to have a look around. This early in the year I can still think of snow as pretty.

Of course, this early in the year I also know that it likely won’t last…

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