It always feels like spring will never get here, but once it does things happen so fast. Since I am basically on self-mandated stress leave this year, I have more time for things, and gardening is good for stress relief, and health in general, so win-win.

Isabelle, of course, wants me outside. So we’ve been getting out, I’ve been doing clean up things, starting on weeding – always lots of that to do. I’m trying to remember when we planted our current pair of lilac bushes. Earliest pictures I can find of the fence Dad rigged up to protect them is 2016, so I’m guessing that’s when. For the past couple of years for sure, I have been anxiously awaiting flowers.

Yesterday, and the day before were sunny and beautiful. I was hanging out in the garden with Isabelle on Wednesday evening, and made an exciting discovery. So yesterday I dragged my camera and tripod out to capture it for posterity. Or because I’m a garden geek.

If you look really close, you see what looks like teeny tiny lilac buds. I hope.

Here, let me help you.

Doesn’t look like leaves, right? I confess, I have never looked that close at lilac bushes in the spring before. I just always knew they would flower. But now that it’s my own baby lilac bushes, I can’t help myself.

And both bushes are showing the same little buds.

So I will be watching anxiously.

When I was finished playing with my camera, I started on some weeds, and then decided to dig out a few day lilies because they have spread so much, and every year I think I should take some out.

Then I remembered the iris that I dug up and put in a pot when the guys were installing our heat pump last summer. So I thought I should put that in the spot where I pulled out the day lilies. And while I was at it, I dug up a couple of the catnip plants that are sprouting up all over my yard and transplanted those as well, and moved a two more iris roots, because those are all in one spot and getting over-crowded as well.

Doesn’t look like much at this point, but we’ll see how it goes. Also, we really need mulch.

Today it was pouring down rain, so no gardening, but I did plant a ginger root that Stephanie sent me. Fingers crossed!

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