Tomato Seedlings - 2 weeks

I love starting seeds; I think it helps to soothe that longing for spring and the garden season.

I started mine two weeks ago, and by last Sunday all of the tomatoes (most of the top tray) had sprouted. There are also 4 peppers, which just sprouted this weekend. The second tray is mostly herbs, and they have mostly all sprouted within the last week. By this weekend, my tomato seedlings had their first set of true leaves.

Ailsa Craig - 2 weeks

At this point, the weather is up and down – we have some beautiful sunny days, but we also have some cold, rainy weather. In other words – Spring.  So I am happily tending to my seedlings every day and looking forward to (hopefully) lots of tomatoes.

Crocuses have also been blooming for a little over a week now. They are starting to wind down now, but I took these photos last weekend.

These are in the flower bed by the driveway, so we’ve been seeing them every time we come home, or whenever we look out the front window. They provide a welcome splash of color.

Speaking of looking out the front window, this is what I saw earlier today:

I looked out the window and happened to notice Frank staring intently toward the road, and the next thing I know deer were sauntering through our yard. A third one showed up after I took these photos.

And just for fun – Cory bought me a new waffle iron; how cute is this?

Hello Kitty!

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