Getting Started for Garden Season 2011

April 10, 2011

We had a beautiful weekend and late Sunday afternoon I realized that I was missing all of it, spending time on indoor things…Like making baguettes for example…
We bought a container of Bruschetta at Costco but didn’t think to buy Baguettes or anything to go with it, so I decided to make my own. One came out kind of deformed looking, but they both tasted good.

However, there is a certain amount of waiting around time in the bread making process, so while the loaves were rising, in preparation for baking, I decided to head outside for a bit. Frank was of the opinion that he should come with me, so we went for a walk up the hill. Frank thoroughly enjoyed himself.

There are still patches of snow among the trees, but it’s almost gone.

In the garden, things are coming to life.

After I went inside and got the baguettes in the oven, I decided it was time to start my seeds. My little window greenhouses are now started, and before too long seedlings will take over my kitchen.

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