Good-bye July…

Kinda sad that it’s the end of July already; feels like summer just started!

I was late getting my garden started this year, and it hasn’t been getting a lot of attention since then. It seems like either the weather is ┬ánot cooperating, or I don’t have time. But, on the upside, I have not really had to worry about watering.

Tomatoes are looking pretty good…

Okay, yes…I maybe just wanted the picture looking down at the Tardis from the deck; but you may also notice that the pepper plants I have sitting outside the deer fence have survived just fine so far.

I’ve had mixed results with my deck planters. Exact same tomato plants, different types of container soil:

Lesson learned – stick with my usual brand of container soil.

So far have not harvested much from the garden – some green onions and herbs. On Saturday I did pick a bucket full of basil and we had pesto for supper.

And finally got around to cutting the garlic scapes, which should have been done ages ago. They were huge.

Not sure how easy that is to see, but I have 4 garlic plants on the left that were planted from Dad’s garlic – the scapes were almost as tall as me. Then on the right was a different type. They are looking like they are ready to dig up, and I am curious to see what I end up with. These plants are all much bigger than any other garlic I’ve grown over the years.

Still stalking wildlife around the yard…Baby deer!

In the past, I’ve found it hard to get photos of the fawns, but thanks to my shiny new deer feeder, they are hanging out on my lawn this year.

We’ve been seeing hummingbirds at the feeder we have outside our patio door. I would like to be able to stand near the window for a close up view, but they won’t come to the feeder if we are near the window. I can stand back and zoom with the camera, which means I’m taking photos through layers of glass…The sliding door was open in this case, so this was taken through two layers of patio door…

And, of course, they don’t stay still for very long either. But, there we were making dinner one night; Cory had the patio door open to go back and forth, and standing behind the kitchen counter I realized I had a perfect vantage point.

Monday, I happened to look out and see a woodpecker, sitting in my little blue glass feeder (which he barely fit in). So I ran to grab the camera, and managed to capture these:

He seemed to be checking out the feeders, then flew to the maple tree, so I sneaked around back and hid behind the bush on the corner.

It still amazes me that I get to see all these creatures, even though I’m living in a city. It’s a small city, to be sure, and we lucked out with our location. I never really wanted to be a city dweller, so I’m happy we ended up where we did.

August, here we come; bring on the tomatoes!

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