Early August

Technically, as I’m writing this, it is September 1st. These photos have been sitting around, waiting to be posted, but I haven’t been in the mood to sit down at the computer and do it. So now, we’re going back in time, just a bit, to have a look at August…

We arrived home from a short visit to Nova Scotia on August 3rd. Frank & Zappa say thanks to Jim & Lynne for the box full of newspaper; once that teapot was unpacked, they enjoyed some excellent napping.

Things were not looking too bad out in the garden either.

August 5th - Tomatoes!

August 5 - I grew 2 blueberries this year; Cory ate them.

August 7 - Dug up my garlic

Look at those stalks!

August 11 - Jalapenos seem to be thriving

This is what happens when you refill ┬ábird feeders on your patio table….

And the hummingbirds visited often, not even the rainy weather could keep them away.

August 5th - Dinner in the rain

August 5 - not the level of nectar in the feeder...

Hungry, hungry, hummingbirds….

August 11 - Sunny day

August 11 - Notice the feeder level, 6 days later

Hummingbirds are not easy to photograph, but it’s been fun practicing.

And finally….

Showed up on Aug 7; filled in the big hole across from us and flattened out the hill, and was left there. A fuel truck showed up the next day. Still, it sat there. Then other trucks started showing up, and workers started tinkering with the engine. All this time, we are hoping and praying that it will go away and not come back.

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