Tomato Disaster 2011

I hung my tomato planters on the same plant hangers that I had strawberry plants on last year. From the beginning I  was concerned that they might not be up to the job. Every day, as we arrive home from work, I peek into the garden and think: Oh good! They’re still standing.

As previously mentioned, we had some serious rain Friday night and Saturday. Somehow, coming home on Saturday afternoon, I failed to do my usual peek into the yard. I can only suggest the lingering effects of food coma from our brunch at Lily’s Cafe. And maybe the rain. I certainly felt like I was ready for a nap by the time we got home.

Around dinner time, the sun actually came out though, and after dinner Frank decided it was time for a walk. He may not speak English, but he has no problem communicating. He has this way of following me around – or preceding me, if I’m walking in the right direction – then sitting there and looking at me, like he is patiently waiting. Trust me when I say, this particular look communicates volumes.

Seeing the sun after a rainy day, I was not unwilling. So we put on his leash and off we went. And as we walked out the driveway and up the hill, I saw it. My Tomato Disaster. I still had to give Frank his walk, but when we got back to the house I knew I had to go out and check on things.

I confess, I was not eager. I asked Cory to come out to the garden with me to check on the downed tomato plants, if only for moral support. My darling husband declined, offering the oh so helpful suggestion that I would have to find somewhere else to hang them. Gee thanks, my love, everything is all better now.

All by my lonesome, I headed out to assess the damage.

Tomato Plants Down!

Ouch! That hurts. Let’s look over here.

Look at the pretty flowers...

A second look.

*Wince* Still bad. I would definitely rather look over this way.

Zappa didn’t look all that concerned, so I tried not to panic as I untangled my poor plants.

Aside: how do you like my Kelly Moore Camera Bag (there on the table)?  I think it’s pretty awesome.

One plant hanger was obviously bent out of shape and useless. The other looked like maybe it was still okay. I hung one plant on it and it stayed straight. I hung a second plant and it immediately started bending. So one plant it is.

Frank was hiding out inside, apparently he couldn’t take the excitement.

I tried to find other things to look at.

Like little green tomatoes growing on my orange cherry tomato plant. So exciting!

And my neat little veggie patch. Things are definitely behind schedule, but so far everything is looking green and healthy.

I got a new little garden ornament at Dollarama.

There were two shelves full of them, in three different poses. Seeing them all lined up on the shelves made me think of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, which kind of creeped me out a bit, but this one was cute.

The garden  out front – finally got a new hanging basket.

Sunday we went out and got three new plant hangers. Two worked fine, the third started bending over as soon as I hung a plant on it. Also, I had thought the tomato plants seemed to be undamaged, but once I got them hanging again and had a closer look, I can see some damage to the main stem of the plants. So the hanging planters may already be done for this year. We will have to think about sturdier supports for next year. Dad – any ideas?

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