We have been having a really great winter – a lot of mild weather, hardly any snow or storms. We’ve only had our driveway plowed three times. If I gotta have winter, this is how I like it.

I was so disappointed in my garden last summer, we had a  really rainy season here, everything was late and it seemed like I didn’t get much from the garden. Lately though, I  have been feeling very grateful for my stash of garlic. It has kept really well, and I’m nowhere near running out.

Home grown garlic

The first three weeks of January were taken up with wondering if/when Cory was going to Japan and how we/I should plan our visit to Nova Scotia. It’s hard to make plans when things keep changing on you.

I finally got Cory his anniversary gift on the 13. He had asked for a compact camera for travelling, and picked out the one he wanted, but it wasn’t in stock anywhere around here so we had to wait. Cory got me a 15-200mm lens for my Rebel T3i, but I got mine early. Luckily, we did manage to get Cory’s new camera before he went back to  Japan.

His & Hers anniversary gifts

Cory was off the Japan on the 21st, and I headed to Nova Scotia the same day. That was a long day – to the airport for 5:30 am, then home to pack and get to the ferry by 8 am. It was good to get home for a visit though, and we had a great weekend.

I didn’t get many pictures, kind of a shame we didn’t get out for a walk at all – things can still be pretty in the winter. But as usual, the time flew by.

It was good to see Nathan all settled in his apartment next door to Dad & Mom. He has a nice spot there. On Monday before I left, he made us a snack of chicken wings & curly fries in his kitchen. He & I made a peanut dipping sauce to go along with it.

Then it was time to say good-bye and head back to Saint John.

Garfield & Arlene like to watch Mom cook

Prettiest dog ever 🙂

Survived the last week of January, and now we are that much closer to spring. As nice as the winter has been, I’ll still be happy when things start to turn green again. 🙂

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