Chop Chop Week: Tuesday

Off we went to¬†Decimal 81. This is a restaurant that we will often say we should go to, but somehow we don’t get around to doing so. Good thing we have Chop Chop week to motivate us.

To start, we were presented with an Amuse Bouche. The waitress was talking about it as she set it on the table, but of course I didn’t hear a lot of what she said. I think I heard “amuse bouche” and “small appetizer” and “soup”.

After the waitress left, Cory asked if I’d heard what she said; I said no; he then refused to tell me what it was. There was my first clue…

It's a mystery!

It only took one taste to realize that it was a cream of mushroom soup. As a general rule, I hate mushrooms. Cory kept looking at me like he was waiting for my head to explode. Little does he realize that I will eat cream of mushroom soup, as long as there are no big pieces of mushroom. I think the important word is “cream”.

This was creamy, and peppery and did not have a strong mushroom flavour. No, I would not likely order it off a menu, but it was pretty good.

I debated on the appetizer course; it was a choice of Lobster Risotto or a salad. The Lobster Risotto sounded quite interesting, but the odds of my being able to eat an entree after eating Risotto are not good so…

Balsamic dressed greens with caraway tuille, goat cheese, and pine nuts

A very tasty salad. I was munching away, realized I was impolitely bolting my salad, looked up, only to realize that Cory’s salad was almost gone and I was not even half finished mine. A reminder that my eating speed is painfully slow compared to most other people.

Main course was an easy choice; Lamb or Chicken?

Chicken please

Cory had the lamb. I tasted it. It was okay. I’d rather have chicken.

There were julienne vegetables and potatoes under the chicken. The vegetables were carrots and parsnips. Good thing I had salad for my appetizer. Cory ended up eating my vegetables and most of the potatoes.

Because I had to leave room for the most important part…

Apple Cinnamon Creme Brulee - Yes please!

Cory's White Chocolate and Berry Napoleon

I was so very happy eating that dessert. I think that’s really why I want to go to Decimal 81; the dessert.

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