Do you see what I see?

First tomatoes of the season!

I was talking to Mom on the phone today (Hi Mom!), saying that we hadn’t any ripe tomatoes yet, but they were coming. A short time later I was out in the garden picking my first handful. You can bet we made short work of that particular harvest!

I knew that I would very soon be picking grape tomatoes from this plant, and I’d been keeping an eye on it.

Then today, I went out to water my container plants, and during that exercise happened to be standing in just the right spot to see the yellow ones peeking out through the tomato foliage. A very welcome surprise!

It was a very tasty preview of things to come.

I also found a few that had fallen to the ground and picked them up to take inside. The green[ish] ones may still ripen up.

The sunflowers are also starting; this one is in the veggie garden, next to the peas & beans.

And these two in the flower bed along the end of the yard.

Speaking of peas and beans…

Two last, lonely Sugar Snap Pea pods (which I ate) and a second harvest of green beans. It didn’t look like a huge amount of beans, but it was actually plenty for two people. They went into a stir fry for supper tonight.

All in all, it was a satisfying day in Frank & Zappa’s Garden!

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4 Responses to Do you see what I see?

  1. Sagan says:

    I want to snuggle up with your kitties.

  2. Bag Lady says:

    Your tomatoes look yummy! We have eaten a few yellow cherry tomatoes, and a couple red tomatoes, but I didn’t think to take pictures of them!
    You are on your second crop of beans??? Mine, which I had to replant this spring, are just now flowering. Sigh. I’m hoping they produce before we go on our vacation in Sept. – I really, really want to make some dilled beans. And mustard beans. The family loves them!

  3. candace says:

    Sagan – I don’t blame you; they are very nice to snuggle with!

    Bag Lady – I get very excited about tomatoes, what can I say? And the two colors looked so pretty together. Yep, that was my second picking of beans. I thought I only had one plant survive, but I was looking yesterday and I think it might be two close together. In any case, the plants I do have are producing quite well – enough for the two of us to enjoy.

  4. Came across your blog via msn the other day and absolutely enjoy it. Carry on the good work.

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