Mid-Week Mischeif

Somewhere around the end of April I broke a tooth. Tuesday I finally had an appointment to get it fixed. My dentist recommended an Onlay, as that would be stronger than just doing a filling. However, it meant an hour and a half in the dentist chair and grinding away quite a bit of my tooth so I was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. The dentist offered a prescription for Ativan to help keep me relaxed, which I accepted. I would be out for the afternoon, so I decided to take the day off work.

I spent a pretty pleasant morning at home. The cats both got walks, Zappa waiting patiently for his turn.

Then I decided to dig up some of the violas that are growing in the gravel behind our house and move them to the garden beside the driveway.

The transplant really well, the deer don’t eat them, and they’ll keep flowering right through autumn. I call that a win.

My dentist appointment was at 2 pm, at which point I learned that Ativan does not a thing for me. My tooth is fixed, but I most definitely was not relaxed during the procedure.

Cory brought me home and prescribed a restorative.

And then I spent the rest of the afternoon puttering out on the deck with the cats. It was high time I started hardening off my seedlings and transferring them to larger pots.

Wednesday was another sunny day, so after supper I finally tackled my veggie garden which was all weeds.

Quite a mess, no? You can barely tell there is a garden there.

Still some cleaning up to do, but definitely progress.

The cats disappeared on me – no doubt napping to be ready for a night of carousing – but I had a snail to keep me company.

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