Garden Journal 2019: Week 2

We’ve been getting typical spring weather; some nice sunny days, some rain, cold days when the wind is blowing. Friday I had to walk to my piano lesson in pouring down rain. The rain doesn’t stop Isabelle, it’s too much fun outside right now. So far she has only brought in one dead mouse; better than a live mouse, I suppose.

My indoor seeds are sprouted! Except for the peppers; I seem to recall they always take a bit longer.

Tomatoes and bunching onions

Outdoors, my lettuce and asian greens are sprouted as well.

Chinese cabbage, pak choi, lettuce.

In my second outdoor tray, I can see cucumbers just starting to peek through, and bunching onions, but just barely. No sign of tomatoes or peppers yet. We’ve had some cool, rainy days, and the night have been chilly (no frost!), but maybe they will still sprout.

I’ve been out puttering in the yard a bit  – a couple of days after work, when the weather was nice, and today. Isabelle likes it when I come out to play.


Lilac bushes are looking good so far! So nice to have my fence back, hopefully these ones will survive. I think I’ve been trying to grow lilacs since we first moved into the house, and haven’t managed so far.

They are still small. I have no idea how fast they should grow. I think this will be the  second summer since we planted them? But they are still alive, so I am happy.

Sticking with the daily drawing challenge; I managed to get  out of 7 this week. Birds were a little easier, but it’s been fun. This week there actually were a couple of repeats from bird month.

Having fun with it – most of them anyway – and hopefully I am learning something. 🙂


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