Art Diaries: Catching Up

I’ve been in a bit of a lull. Things were so busy for a while. I had a chest cold and cough that did not want to go away. I was so tired! So there hasn’t been much since I finished my last Sunday painting class.

May 6 I attended a Canvas & Cocktails event: Paint Your Pet. You send in a photo, they do a drawing for you, then you show up and paint it. The event was at McGill’s, a restaurant we had yet to try. It was Burger Week in Saint John. May 6 was a busy day – volunteering at the Walk for Autism in the morning (in the rain!), it was Free Comic Book Day; forgetting about that I had signed up to do this painting event…

Yep; busy, busy day. So after volunteering, I drove home and changed into dry clothes. Then Cory and I went off to the comic book store, and then to McGill’s for lunch. We enjoyed our food (burgers, since it was still burger week) and would like to go back sometime. Then Cory went home and I stayed to paint.



And finally…remember this?


I painted it on April 16, the weekend between my last two Sunday painting classes, to work on clouds. It’s been sitting there waiting, bothering me that it was unfinished even if it was just for practice.

So finally:


Now I just have to figure out what to start on next. I have three different photos that I want to try…decisions, decisions!


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