March and More Snow

At the beginning of March, we actually had a brief interlude of warmer weather and no appreciable snow fall. I started tracking the level of snow in our yard based on the drift under our bedroom window and how much I could see of the TARDIS.

March 8

For the last half of February, the top of this snow drift was level with our bedroom window. I was impressed, but at the same time it was nice to see it shrinking a bit.

Sometimes I do stop to look at something other than the piles of snow.

March 14

It’s shrinking!

We have a deck under all that snow!

March 16

Well, it was nice while it lasted…

March 19

The reason I bother to keep shoveling the deck.

March 20

Zappa is thinking hard about climbing over that mountain of snow.

They both did climb the drift eventually, and from the bedroom window I can see the trail of paw prints going down the other side. I don’t think they went far though, they were back at the door ¬†pretty quickly. Not much to see, other than more snow I guess.

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