Pictures from Sunday

This weather! Ugh. Too much rain, and it’s cold!

Saturday it rained all day. We took the cats to the vet for their yearly check up in the morning. We went to Kannon, the new animal hospital where we boarded them last month. It is much closer than the vet office we had been going to, and we know we like this vet – we met her when we took the cats in for their check up last year.

Both cats were out of their carriers, exploring the examination room. There is a chair in the corner of the room with a basket, which Zappa hid away in while Frank was getting checked out by the vet. When it was Zappa’s turn, Frank settled himself in the basket. It is really a perfect hidey-space for a cat. After Zappa’s check up, the vet let him loose in the room, while we were chatting and he went right back to the basket and crawled in on top of Frank. I was surprised that Frank put up with it, but they both stayed there until we were ready to leave. It was funny. 🙂

We took the cats home, and we all stayed home for the rest of the day, while it poured down rain.

The sun did come out on Sunday. We had to go out and do all the errands we didn’t get done on Saturday, which seems like a waste of a sunny day at this point. Ah, well.

I did go out and poke around in the yard a bit. Despite the lack of sun, things are happening out there. And everything is very green.

Frank likes to hang out with me these days, Zappa tends to disappear.

Garlic is looking good!

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