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At the end of April we moved to a new office on the 16th floor of the Brunswick Square tower (Hello again! It’s been a few years…Every once in a while I have to stop and think about whether to push ’14’ or ’16’ on the elevator).

Fog is pretty common uptown, and we’ve been getting a lot of it lately. Often we look out the windows and just see white. But today the sun was shining, the view was clear and vividly colorful, so I snapped a few photos with my iPhone.

8:57 am – A Bright, Sunshine-y Day

I can see the ferry terminal from my desk, and every day at noon I see it heading off toward Nova Scotia without me.

11:43 am - The ferry is at the terminal

Kind of hard to see, but it’s there…That dark blue boat just left of center.

Looking in the other direction, I can see a clump of trees leafing out in King’s Square.

5:20 pm - Barely visible, the windows of my old apartment on the far side of King's Square

It’s a pretty nice view, and we have a pretty nice office.

5:21 pm - Leaving my desk for the day

I’d still rather be out enjoying the sunshine-y day mind you, but if I have to be at work, at least I have a nice view.

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