Jam, Peas & Trees

It was another beautiful, summer weekend, and it just flew by. Somehow I didn’t get around to a lot of the things that were on my mental to-do list, but it was still a busy weekend.

I thought I had missed strawberry season; I remember seeing local strawberries at the grocery store and thinking I must pick some up, but I was always in a rush. Next thing I knew, the strawberries were gone – it seemed like they weren’t around for long this year.

Saturday morning Cory and I drove out to the Pumpkin Patch, I think for only the second time this summer. I was thinking we might find some local raspberries, but then what did we see but some beautiful looking local strawberries. There were a few raspberries, but the strawberries were more abundant and looking really nice, so we immediately snatched them up, along with a basket of field tomatoes, some carrots and a few other things.

So, Saturday afternoon was spent making strawberry freezer jam.

With a second batch made on Sunday.

We are now feeling quite pleased, our freezer all restocked. This will easily last us until next summer.

The peas were also in need of being picked again.

And of course I had to check on the progress of my tomatoes.

Still looking good! My plants are loaded with green tomatoes, so I’m hoping for a good crop.

More pictures from Sunday afternoon in the garden…

Green tomatoes and Lemon Mint starting to bloom

Garlic flowers - they've puffed up and are so pretty

The first Lemon Mint to start blooming is going strong

Frank checking out my basket again

Zappa still loves his chairs

Last but not least…I’m almost afraid to say it, for fear I will be proved wrong, but I think the bounce sheets on the baby trees are working. There are little leaves growing, and not being eaten. So far, so good.

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