Canada Day Weekend 2012

Did someone say last weekend that it was nice to get some rain? We ended up getting quite a bit more rain last week.

Going into the long weekend, the forecast was not great, but it turned out the be a beautiful weekend. I took a vacation day on Friday, and I ended up enjoying four days of hot, sunny weather. It feels like the official start of summer. The only down side being that I really don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. 🙁

I spent a good part of the weekend out in the yard. I still had a few transplants that needed to go in the  ground, and I had a ton of weeding to do. The weeding is not finished, but I at least put a dent in it…in between walking the cats and playing with my camera.

Friday morning I was chasing butterflies. They don’t like to stay still!

And I tried to photograph my strawberries. I’ve been having a hard time with that for some reason. Last year I bought a couple of deck planters with strawberries that had the prettiest pink blossoms. I went looking for them again this year and found some to plant in the ground.

While staring down at the garden, I noticed something else. I have violas growing all over the place – they are like weeds, but very pretty so I don’t mind – and I happened to notice one going to seed.

Look at all those little seeds – no wonder they spread like crazy! I’ve never seen that before, and when I went out a little while later they were gone.

Next to that, I could see that my hostas are getting ready to bloom.

And then finally, if you look closely in the midst of the clump of violas, there are little blueberries on one of the high bush plants I put in last year.

It’s time to cut garlic scapes. I planted a couple of Dad’s garlic cloves last fall, and they seem to be growing quite well.

And for the first time that I can remember, we are seeing cherries on our tree. We have no idea what  kind of cherries they are, so we don’t really know when they should be picked. There aren’t that many anyway, and also we don’t have a ladder, but it’s nice to see them!

And I got a new set of solar lights.

After all the rain last week, and then the sun we’ve had over the past 4 days, things seem to be growing like crazy. I was late starting my tomato seeds this year, and then I confess that I did not take as good care of them as I normally do, so they were looking pretty puny when I transplanted them. They are still small, but they seem to be taking off now, so hopefully they will catch up. I ended up buying a few plants as well, just in case.

I picked my first handful of snap peas from my deck planters today and ate them. So good!

Today, I mostly caught up on some things that needed doing inside the house. After 3 days, I felt like I need a break from being out in the sun.

Now I am very tired, but feeling like I made good use of my long weekend. Now I just have to finish the weeding – next weekend’s project!

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