Japan: Should Have Gone to Tokyo Disney

I’m sure when we were planning this trip we thought there were things we wanted to do in Tokyo. I do remember saying that I wanted to go to Tokyo Disney, even just for an afternoon, but Cory thought we wouldn’t have time. 

On our last night in Kyoto I looked through our book on Tokyo and nothing really jumped out as a must see. When we arrived in Tokyo we picked up a Tokyo Tourist Guide (or maybe when we checked in to the hotel?) which we looked through last night. We still didn’t come up with much. I said we should go to Disney, but Cory said he didn’t want to walk around Disney all day.

So we hit the two things we wanted to do this morning, then sort of wandered aimlessly. We thought we might go out to Mt. Fuji, but the weather did not seem very clear and it would have been a long trip to get there and end up just seeing fog. We went on the river cruise instead, which turned out to be not very interesting. It wasn’t a terrible day, just kind of a let down after our time in Kyoto. And I’m a little disappointed because I think we would have had more fun if we’d gone to Disney.  You know, like I kept saying I wanted to.

Ah well, I suppose it served as a good deceleration, getting us ready for the end of vacation and the return to real life. I’m not really ready for vacation to be over, but I do miss the cats and I don’t know much longer we could keep up this pace. Currently relaxing for a bit at the hotel before heading out

to one last soba noodle dinner. Then one more sleep and we’ll be on our way home.

Good-bye Japan, it’s been fun. I’d love to come again. And next time I’m going to Disney.

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