The Green Time of Year

I love this time of year, when everything turns green. I always feel like I wait and wait and wait for spring, and then things start to happen so fast.




My poor rhododendron is doing it’s best to survive the deer.



I’m getting a late start, but I got out yesterday to start on the gardens. I won’t be doing as much this year, since we still need to figure out how to keep the deer out of the yard with the new[er] fence. But, I’ll do what I can.

To get started, I finally headed out yesterday to pick up some plants.



My garden buddy was hanging out with me…sort of…Mostly he just sat in the tall grass ¬†looking for rodents.


For out front, I have lots of lavender and thyme; not because those are particular favorites, but so far the deer seem to leave those alone. There is some catmint there also Рwhich the deer have stayed away from so far Рwhich is destined to go to the big garden bed on the hill beside the road.


I started with this…


And ended up with this…


It may get a bit more, but it’s a good start and hopefully things will fill out and survive the deer.

Still more to do though…



Tomatoes and a few pepper plants will need to stay on the deck. I have a bunch of herbs to plant out, and a lupin; they grow on the side of the road around here so hopefully will be safe?

I also had a look at the rose bushes and lilacs that Dad & Mom brought over when they visited the last weekend in May. So far things are looking good.

Most of these roses that were planted along the outside of the fence seem like they are going to make it:



This climbing rose was planted in the big garden beside the road. I may be imagining things, but it sort of looks like someone tried nibbling on it?


But they didn’t get far, so hopefully they decided it didn’t taste good.

We’ve had lots of rainy weather, which has been good for the plants growing out in gardens already, but it’s been hard to get out and do much. Today was another rainy one, and it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow, but hopefully there will be some decent evenings this week to pick away at things.

Until next time!


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