Photo Journal: September 2015

September was a month of watching and waiting…Watching tomatoes and peppers grow, tomatoes starting to ripen, building a barricade to keep the deer from that plants at the back of the house, coming home from work and watering everything…And also waiting to get on with our bathroom renovations, which did not end up happening.

I had to prop up some plants – using weighted pots for a couple of the containers, and bits of old cat fencing for a couple of the tomatoes that came up from seed. Cory was very confused when I came into the living room asking for wire cutters. I told him I was doing arts and crafts.

Pepper plants refused to grow last year, this year they grew beautifully when I could keep the deer away from them.

I moved the feeders this year, and we don’t have the best view, but it’s a little easier to keep them full inside the fence. Though the deer still visit. I actually watched one jump effortlessly over the fence one morning. I admire the skill, not so much the application.

Actually getting ripe cherry tomatoes off of the plants that grew from seed in the gravel.

And the rest of the cherry and grape tomatoes doing well and ripening.

Lunar Eclipse, September 27 – Bundled up and watched the first phase from our deck. Then it was after 11, and I had to go bed.

9:07 pm

10:11 pm

10:50 pm

11:10 pm

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