So we have to replace the kitchen flooring…

First there was this visible line in the cushion floor, just inside the kitchen. The seam turned into a crack, and we watched it grow. Finally, the crack turned into a hole when Cory was walking through and caught his foot on it. The hole keeps getting a little bigger every day. It seems like we have to bite the bullet and make a decision.

Decision being the operative word. To know me it to know that I don’t like making them. It’s a big, scary, deal. Has to be done though, so here goes.

I like spaces that are bright, and full of light. I have always liked that about our kitchen. We do have a lot of difference tones going on though.

Because of our heavy dining room set, tile seems like the way to go. It’s a very solid set, and the bottom of the chair legs are problematic in their potential to put dents in flooring.

Yesterday, we brought home 3 different tiles to look at in our kitchen. Cory and I immediately agreed on the one we liked – no contest.

Today, we brought home the one we liked yesterday, plus 3 other samples. Cory is decided. I am unsure.

Options 1 & 2

Options 3 & 4

Options 2 & 1

Options 4 & 3

Options 2 & 1

Options 4 & 3

Thoughts? Opinions? Votes?

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